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Olive wood extra-large pizza board

Olive wood extra-large pizza board

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The ultimate wooden board for true pizza lovers can be found here.

This pizza board is handcrafted from premium olive wood, one of the hardest woods, and has a timeless, authentic, and robust appearance.

With its round shape and distinctive handle, this olive wood pizza board adds a unique touch to any pizza party.

This reversible highly versatile tray is ideal for carrying, displaying, and serving pizza or appetizers, as well as dicing and slicing.

Use the pizza board to serve cheese, tapas, or as a dinner board while cooking.

Our extremely popular and one-of-a-kind pizza tray is rare, extra-large, heavy, and thick:

The Diameter is: 43 cm - 16.9"
Weight: 1.3 Kg
Thickness: 2 cm - 0.78"

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