Collection: Cutting, chopping & serving boards

Elevate your culinary artistry with our diverse selection of olive wood cutting, chopping, and serving boards. Crafted for both form and function, each piece embodies the timeless beauty of olive wood. Enjoy free laser engraving on orders over $100. Explore our collection and enhance your kitchen experience today.

Suggestion for use

Each olive wood board could be used for different purposes. The size does not really matter because every board is interchangeable with the other one according to what you intend to use it. The possibilities are endless, so many ways for you to get the most out of each platter.

Many sizes are available

Use the small olive wood board as a chopping/cutting board to chop vegetables, cut herbs, peel a small fruit, or slice salami. Also, it is suitable as an individual serving board to serve cheese and cookies or to present sandwich or burger and it is easy to take it out often.

Bring into play the medium one to slice bread or pie, to carve meat or poultry or to share appetizer.

Thanks to its useful size and shape, the large one is highly functional as a charcuterie/cheese tray for displaying all your appetizer assortment or to prepare the pizza slices to greet your guests and family.