Material and quality control

Why our olive wood products are special?

Our olive wood products are selected and meticulously checked in order to offer you a high quality product whether for your gifts, special events, decoration or as high-end kitchenware.

All our olive wood products have the following characteristics:

  1. Handmade from only well-dried one piece of high-quality olive wood.
  2. Each craft is carefully carved, sanded, and finished by hand to bring out this noble wood's most perfect grain patterns.
  3. We employ very ancient tips to significantly enhance the wood during the artisanal process.
  4. Handcrafted following traditional wood carving techniques.
  5. Free of cracks, joints, and glue.
  6. Silky-smooth finish using extra fine sandpaper, beyond what is generally found on the market.
  7. Crafts sealed with food-grade oil (sunflower oil).
  8. Each craft is unique. It has a beautiful distinctive texture and shade. The perceptible pattern on its surface may noticeably vary from dark and golden brown to cream, from straight to wavy grains, and from no grain (sapwood) to wholly grained (heartwood).
  9. Because it is a handcrafted olive wood product, you could spot some variances in shape and size. Thank you for tolerating these small natural deviations.