About us

NAWARA Olive Wood Craft ambition is to make every occasion you get or offer olive wood product a moment of privilege, where each piece is masterfully handmade of organic pure olive wood from genuine olive trees.

For us, modern design and vintage olive wood come together to bring decent style to your life and luxurious addition to your home.

Our desire is to treat you with a large collection of handcrafted olive wood products that meets all your cooking and decoration needs.

For each product, function and aesthetics play perfectly together, giving you the opportunity to experience pleasure in its purest form and bringing you the latest in wood's art.

NAWARA Olive Wood Craft products are also natural lifestyle crafts of everyday life, where every detail matters. Therefore, our products are designed, controlled and shipped from Switzerland and entirely hand shaped by our expert craftsmen in Tunisia. This makes each product truly unique and will make a statement in every house.