Olive wood benefits

Olive wood has been used for centuries to craft solid, fine tableware and kitchen utensils. This is thanks to its multiple benefits. Above all, olive tree (Olea europaea), olives, olive oil and olive wood are sacred. Indeed, olive wood is:

  1. Heavy, dense, and robust wood,
  2. Water-repellent. The high oil content of olive wood makes it the best for use in contact with liquids and hot steam,
  3. Odorless and tasteless,
  4. Olive wood kitchenware does not transfer heat to your hand while cooking,
  5. Non-stick cookware and does not scratch or damage your pots or pan,
  6. Hygienic and anti-bacterial,
  7. Naturally food-safe,
  8. Aesthetically appealing wood due to its beautiful curly and wavy grain. Wood gets better and color will deepen with age.

Natural, ecological, and luxury olive wood.

  • We exclusively use a plank of reclaimed olive wood. In fact, in our country, cutting down olive trees for wood is illegal. Healthy trees aren't typically felled for lumber. The timber used is only harvested when the olive tree has reached the end of its productive life (after centuries) or from cut branches as part of the pruning process. Olive wood is rare.
  • High quality requires a very long time to dry timbers and slabs.

    For all these reasons, high-end crafts made from olive wood are expensive, superior, and eco-friendly.