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Olive wood pointed stirring, cooking, and baking spoon

Olive wood pointed stirring, cooking, and baking spoon

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Olive Wood Pointed Stirring, Cooking, and Baking Spoon

Stop damaging and scratching your pans with the Spootle, the essential olive wood corner spoon designed to protect your delicate dishes. As part of your cooking utensils collection, the unique pointed shape of the Spootle glides over surfaces, preventing burning while cooking and ensuring a clean release of your chowder.

Key Features

- Essential kitchen tool for precise cooking

- Unique pointed shape prevents burning and sticking

- Ensures thorough scraping from cookware corners

- Versatile for mixing, stirring, and scraping

The pointed end easily reaches every nook and cranny, preventing food from sticking and ensuring you never miss a morsel. This versatile spoon, doubling as a spatula, is perfect for various kitchen tasks, including mixing, stirring, and scraping from the corners of your cookware. Add the Spootle to your cooking arsenal and experience the convenience and precision it brings to your culinary creations.

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