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Olive wood crepe/pancake baking set - Basic set

Olive wood crepe/pancake baking set - Basic set

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Create Perfect Crepes with Ease

Elevate your crepe-making game with our Olive Wood Crepe/Pancake Baking Set - the Basic Set. This kit includes two essential tools that ensure your crepes turn out flawless every time: a round crepe spreader and a crepe pancake flipper.

Master the Art of Crepe Making

Our Olive Wood Crepe Spreader features a T-shaped design, making it easy to spread the crepe batter into a perfect, even circle. Say goodbye to uneven, lumpy crepes. With this tool, you can achieve a smooth, consistent crepe every time.

The Crepe Pancake Flipper is designed for effortless flipping and lifting. Its wide, large end makes folding your crepe a breeze without the risk of tearing. Not only is this set perfect for crepes, but it's also versatile enough to handle pancakes, omelets, and tortillas.

Master the art of crepe making, whether you're a novice or an experienced chef. Our olive wood baking set combines high-quality wood with a thoughtful design, making it a must-have for anyone who enjoys creating delicious, round delicacies. You can even use it for a variety of international dishes, such as Crêpe Bretonne, Galette de Sarrasin, Vôte, Socca, Dosa, Piadina, Farinata, and Baghrir.

Elevate your cooking skills and bring the flavors of these international dishes to your kitchen with ease. Order your Olive Wood Crepe/Pancake Baking Set - Basic Set today and create perfect crepes and more, effortlessly.

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