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Olive wood crêpe/pancake flipper, long plain spatula

Olive wood crêpe/pancake flipper, long plain spatula

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Olive Wood Crêpe/Pancake Flipper - Long Plain Spatula

Indulge in the art of crêpe making with this exquisite handcrafted olive wood spatula. Designed for flipping and folding crêpes, pancakes, and omelets, it brings a touch of elegance to your culinary endeavors. The spatula comes in various sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your crêpe maker's diameter.

Key Features

- Handcrafted specifically for crêpe making

- Ideal for flipping and folding crêpes and pancakes with precision

- Available in different sizes to suit your crêpe maker

- Essential addition to your crêpe-making set

This crepe flipper, made from silky olive wood, enhances the joy of creating perfect crêpes. Its functionality extends beyond flipping during cooking; it's also perfect for neatly folding crêpes once they are cooked and filled. Complete your crêpe-making set with complementary items like a spreader, ladle, and honey dipper.

Elevate your crêpe-making experience with the craftsmanship and beauty of this olive wood spatula.

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