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Olive wood lemon reamer, vintage citrus squeezer

Olive wood lemon reamer, vintage citrus squeezer

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Olive Wood Lemon Reamer, Vintage Citrus Squeezer

No electricity needed, just the power of your hands. Juice fresh citrus fruits in seconds with our hand-held citrus squeezer, handcrafted from olive wood. Cut a lemon in half, twist the reamer cone into it, and rotate for fresh juice. Whether you're juicing citrus for soups, freshly grilled fish, dressings, sides, or desserts, this easy-to-hold squeezer makes it a breeze. Olive wood's durability ensures it lasts longer and stays strong.

Key Features:

- Hand-held citrus squeezer

- Handcrafted from olive wood

- Easy and efficient citrus juicing

- Ideal for various culinary uses

- Durable and long-lasting

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