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Olive wood rolling pin, dough roller

Olive wood rolling pin, dough roller

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We are bringing tradition back to your kitchen.

This timeless design, weighty, and hard wearing rolling pin is handmade from a single piece of olive wood.

Its silky finishes is ideal for puff pastry, cookie dough, pie crust, yeast dough, rolling pizza and more.

Two designs are available:

• The french-style olive wood pin. This tapered-ends rolling pin without handles provides the right sens of the pastry. You get the precise feel of the dough thickness and then the total control for shaping it.

• The American or baker’s rolling pin. With its traditional style and thanks to its push handles and central dowel, you can put more thickness to the dough.

This is no ordinary rolling pin. Thanks to the olive wood, it will last a lifetime.

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