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Olive wood strainer, skimmer and serving spoon

Olive wood strainer, skimmer and serving spoon

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This sturdy handmade olive wood wide perforated spoon is perfect for skimming cooking liquids and lifting meat, eggs, vegetables, and other foods from pots.

Thanks to its shallow, proportioned perforated head, this strainer is ideal for lifting big pieces of hot foods from boiling water or oil.

In addition, when serving with this olive wood strainer spoon, you will never drop the food. This elegant and ergonomic utensil is the ideal flatware for serving big quantities of food.

This serving spoon promises effortless serving thanks to its large scoop.

Serve food from pan to dish with style.

Enjoy serving all kinds of food with this perfect handmade wooden kitchen helper.

Using this multitasking utensil, you will serve peacefully knowing that you will not scratch your cookware.

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