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Unique olive wood bottle stopper

Unique olive wood bottle stopper

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For a bottle stopper as bold as the Wine.

Each bottle stopper is expertly handcrafted from a reclaimed olive wood and paired with a high-quality British made stainless-steel stopper.

The wood blanks is freehand shaped on an rustic turning lathe, so each piece is truly unique also due to the huge variations in the olive wood pattern.

The stopper has many O-rings silicone rubber gasket to form a very tight seal.

In addition, olive wood top is easily piece screw off for cleaning.

Our classy looking wine stopper is sturdy, weighted and a real eye catching.

Highly decorative gadget, it keeps your beverages fresh and tasty and makes a stunning accent to any opened bottle of wine, olive oil, vinegar, liqueur, and spirits bottles.

Every wine stopper from our large collection adds a sense of beauty and elegance to your table, wine cabinet or bar.

It is the ultimate gift for any wine connoisseur like master chef, wine steward, sommelier, or bartender as well as every wine fanatic.

Two variations are available.

1. Chrome plated stopper.

2. Food grade high quality stainless steel.

If you have liked a particular wine stopper in our photos, just send us a message.

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